oUR Services

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We provide commercial and Residential Services.

·       Carpet Cleaning – What's in your carpets?!!

·       Tile and Grout Cleaning – Do you remember how clean your grout used to look?

·       Stone Cleaning, Honing and Polishing – Bring out the beauty of your natural stone floors. 

·       Upholstery Cleaning – Do you remember what color your couches and chairs were when you bought them?

·       Color Sealing – Is your grout to stained to fix? Were repairs made and the grout has different colors now? Do you like the color of your grout? Would you prefer a different color?

·       Grout Clear Seal – Give yourself some breathing room to clean up spills!!

·       Odor control – Did the animals leave a few to many “presents” in your carpet? Would you like to smell FRESH air again?